Miss World Project

Check out the current status on my special Miss World Machine.  Created from NOS parts and a rundown crappy Kiss doner machine.
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Posted by: nwojedi
Miss world was a machine conversion offered by Gieger in 83.  Gieger is German based company that did many conversion kits, for Bally games.  They would usually do the conversion themselves.  Miss World is a super rare conversion of a Bally Kiss.   It was confirmed by Geiger, that less than 100 of these are actually in existance.  I lucked out and found NOS plastics, and playfield for this kit.  Also aquired a high quality translite of the backglass.  (i'm still looking for an original backglass and paying well for one).  But I have all the pieces to be able to do the conversion myself.  Through the process, i'm adding my peronal touch to things that were never done from Geiger.  To make the machine, truely unique and one of a kind.