What do you need to know for a Quote?

Brief rundown on what you should have prepared to get a quote.  I try to be as accurate as possible.    Also, will help you prepare your field to be touched up.
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Posted by: nwojedi

Pictures are always needed.   Nice picture of the top, middle and lower parts of the playfield, completely stripped (prefered).

Have in mind what level of restoration you would like.

Close up photos of areas of concern. And describe what you would like done.

Does it have mylar that will need to be removed?   If so, how much is there?

Any insert hazing, or cracking?  If so, what do you want done with them?

Any blown out screw holes that you'd like addressed and repaired?

Shooter lane issues?  How criticle do you want to go.

If you have done touchups yourself and just need clear, make sure you preped the entire field with around 600 grit sandpaper or a light scuff pad, so there isn't any reflection visable anywhere.

Also, if your touching up yourself, never EVER use, sharpies or oil based paints to touchup.   Sharpies will bleed all over, and oil based will not stick to the clear. Not responsible for either of these two issues, due to home made touchups.   If you have a field and unsure, we can remove the touchups and start from scratch.


For shipping.    make sure the entire topside of the field is stripped.  Meaning, when you look down the field, nothing sticks up past eye level.  No flipper bushings, no metal guides, no wood rails.  No lamp sockets, Wire switches....nothing.

We suggest that you strip the top and bottom sides of the field, but will consider partially stripped fields.  (you will get overspray on some of the underside things).  Lamp sockets will be protected with bulbs during spray, so they will still work.  Shipping a partially stripped field is dangerous and can risk damage to mechs on the bottom side.

Please do not ship your fields in large heavy fortress wooden crates.   It's not needed.  Makes things difficult and I cannot fit oversized crates in my little car to mail them back to you.

We will consider stripping and reassembling playfields for you, but as space is an issue, as is time, it gets pretty costly.