Restoration Levels

I am taking playfield work again. Robot Cabinets are on hold at the moment, while I update the Robot screens for screening.

I offer 3 levels of restorations.

Level 1, is Just clearcoating and leveling. With only minor black line edging needed. Basic clearcoating is $300. Everything needed from there goes up. (except minor black line edge work which is included with the $300)

Level 2. Is only the visible areas of the playfeild are addressed. Wood damage is still repaired if not in a visible area, but will not be touched up. Areas under plastics, posts, ramps and other hidden areas from players perspective, is not touched up.

Level 3, everything is touched up. Clearcoat is done the same regardless of which level you get. I do whatever I can to level it out as smooth as possible. Cupped inserts or not. Unless it's an extreme case, I should be able to get it like a sheet of glass. 6 to 7 layers of clear are usually used, with around 4 layers sanded off by the time i'm done.