Rework pictures added

Finally added some rework pictures to the "our Work" section.  Going to try and add more pictures once a day to try and get that section up to date with more to show.


Miss World Project

Check out the current status on my special Miss World Machine.  Created from NOS parts and a rundown crappy Kiss doner machine.


What do you need to know for a Quote?

Brief rundown on what you should have prepared to get a quote.  I try to be as accurate as possible.    Also, will help you prepare your field to be touched up.


Custom Playfield art available!

Don't like something about a field?   Think it could be done better.   We offer unlimited custom capabilities.  We'll change your field however you want, and get your approval on how it looks before moving forward.


New site finally up and running.

I'll update this site more and more each day, to try and get caught up.  Also, post things I have for sale, when I have them ready to sell. stuff for sale


I'm taking playfields again, and finally caught up 100%. Contact me, and then i'll reply for pictures. I'll need pictures of the Top, middle, and bottom sections of the playfield, plus close ups of problem areas. If there is mylar that needs to be removed, I need to know how much. I have 3 levels of restorations. Level 1 is just clearcoating with minor black line insert edge work. Level 1 is $350 (not including mylar removal if needed) Level 2, only touches up visible areas of the playfield, when standing in a players position. Places like Under plastics, ramps and posts are not addressed. Level 3 touches up everything, hidden or not.

11-9-13  Robot screens are done and look fantastic.  I will be offereing 3 different price structures, based upon how much prep work was done by you. Also have multiple base silver colors to choose from. From a subtle silver metallic, so full blown bright high fleck metallic silver.

9-20-13 No more Playfield work accepted that's not NOS/New repo

We are currently not taking anymore playfields except : New old stock playfields or new repo fields that only need minor black line edge work and clearcoating  I am doing Robot Cabinet Silk Screening as well as custom toy painting such as Pirates Chest POTC, and Sopranos Nude stripper mods.

6-20-13. Zaccaria ROBOT cabinet Screening

We are currently going to work on Zaccaria Robot Cabinets.  In process of having a complete set of silk screens made to screen the cabinets.  Every Robot cabinet looks terrible.  I'll have several different prices depending the amount of prep the owner does before I get it.  These have to be screened. Stencils and decals cannot work with this complex art.  PM me if your interested to get on the list.  Will be doing these soon.

robot rescreened cabinet

For more information on our services, please follow the links above!

Freshly Silk Screened cabinet.  Only way possible to do a Zaccaria cabinet.